using 1000 mph tornadoes to erase civilization

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Shared March 2, 2020

using 1000 mph tornadoes to erase civilization
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Welcome to the next level in tornado simulation, plus flying chickens, cows, sheep!!!

Mother nature is feeling the heat of global warming! She is seeking revenge on her human inhabitants, she has decided that its time to return the favor of carnage and devastation!

Take full control of this power and destroy as many things as possible, grow from an EF2, EF3, EF4 until you become a gigantic EF5 tornado that eats up buildings, trees, cars, barns and anything else unlucky enough to be in its path!

Race through and flatten towns completing mission goals along the way in this free simulation game!

Watch cows and sheep fly, see trees get pulled out of the ground and houses blown to bits and pieces! Take out the power plus other services and plunge the human race into the stone age in this extreme weather event!

Great atmosphere with high winds, rain, lighting and thunder!

#graystillplays #indie #simulation