Luke DEFENDS Javascript! (On Gemini and Gopher)

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Luke Smith

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Shared March 26, 2021

Speculative technology has to overcome networking effects. As it is right now, https is the standard and there is little hope of reversing that. If you are in favor of some minimalist alternative to the modern bloated web like the Gemini or Gopher protocols, your priority should be to make such protocols accessible from normie technology and normie browsers. Since I am a old boomer, I care little about such technologies until they are generally usable by people who are not just aficionados of obscure technology. I also talk about when it is PROPER to use Javascript and advanced client and server-side scripting on websites: only when it is actually necessary. I do think the ability of the modern web to be "bloated" with new features is a good thing, but obvious discipline is required on the part of web developers.

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