Reviewing the Silver Play Button like a Tech Review: Because why not?

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Shared February 12, 2021

This is the Youtube 100,000 Subscriber Silver Play Button. An award that’s so rare that around 200,000 youtube channels have this same reward. But, what does this reward even mean, is it worth getting? And how does it compare to other awards like a college degree? Let’s find out with a little review.

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When you open the box, you get the silver play button plaque itself, some paperwork that congratulates you on reaching this milestone, and some papers detailing how to purchase a new one if something happens to your current one. This is technically the 2nd generation play button. The original Silver play button was a silver looking play button encased in a frame. The second generation one is much much more silver looking and has these textured lines throughout its body. The outline of the play button logo is reflective so that the creators that own it can vainly stare at themselves for being a very minor internet celebrity. The triangle of the play button is actually elevated, much like the rest of the body, with the reflective parts etched into the body. There is white text on the front congratulating you on the achievement but the text can be scratched off. It would be great if the text was etched into the body as well, to prevent the text from one day wearing out or from someone scratching it off. Maybe that will be fixed in a 3rd generation version. The back has this black felt material so that it doesn’t scratch up your walls or wherever you decide to display the thing on as well as a way to hang it.

Now let’s move onto personal experience with it. Well, I can say it was pretty interesting. When you hit 100,000 subscribers, You’re supposed to wait up to a month for a message to appear at the top of your dashboard, letting you know, “Hey, here’s your 100% off coupon code to your first creator reward”. Well, the thing is, I never got it. I was patient, and waited 2 and a half months. Still. Nothing. Then I reached out to YouTube support and they quickly got the ball rolling and the plaque came in a few days later. I haven’t hung it up yet, because I'm moving in a month, and I’d feel bad if I had to hang it up, only to remove it again. It just sits around in its box all day. Nailing the value of these things are very difficult. Because, believe it or not. YouTube forbids the sale of these things. Stating that if you sell these, you won’t be eligible for any future rewards. So, if you look around ebay, you won’t find one of these for sale. But if anyone has a trillion dollars to spend, I may, just maybe be willing to part with this thing. Maybe. YouTube also has different tiers for each creator milestone you reach, and each provides different benefits to the creator. But the real benefits start happening at Bronze. Which gives you access to the YouTube Spaces in Berlin, London, LA, NY, Paris, Rio, and Tokyo. I don’t live at any of these places, so none of these benefits really applied to me. Plus, they’re all closed due to the virus.

So, those are the benefits that come with having a silver play button. But how does it compare to other major time-consuming milestones in life that give you some sort of thing to hang on your wall? The thing I ended up comparing to my bachelor’s degree. It took 4 years, which is how long it took to get to 100,000 subscribers, and about $50,000 before scholarships, oh and a ton of coffee on stressful nights right before exams. And it didn’t even get me a job out of school, I had to go back for my master’s degree. Then there’s the YouTube Silver play button. It took 4 years to go from 0 to 100,000, a ton of sleepless Thursday nights editing videos, to get it out by Friday.

So, in conclusion, is getting the silver play button worth it? It’s a nice little reminder of the journey but I wouldn’t say it’s “worth it”. It’s more about knowing that I made something that people found entertaining or informative. I love editing and recording videos. I love making those weird angular shots, or fancy edits and I love telling that cringey joke that the audience puts up with. So, Yes, it’s worth it. But it doesn’t hurt to still go to school. The things I learned in school helped me a ton through my YouTube channel, and taught me how to better manage the business side of it. Pursue your dreams, but also, have a backup plan.