The Basics of CSS: Selectors

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Gardiner Bryant

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Shared April 5, 2021

I love CSS. Wrapping my mind around some of its more incricate features requires a good understanding of the basics--and that's what this video is all about. We're going to cover selecting HTML elements by their tag names, by class, and by ID, and introduce the concept of CSS Specificity.

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0:31​ - Overview of our markup
1:22​ - What is CSS?
1:52​ - Linking your CSS file in HTML
3:05​ - Selecting by tag name
3:57​ - Selecting children elements by tag name
6:16​ - Choosing your selectors
6:51​ - IDs and classes
8:51​ - Getting specific
10:40​ - Multiple classes on a single element
12:03​ - Selecting for IDs

12:31​ - Intro to Specificity
14:14​ - Example of specificity

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